Kitchen Equipment

An overview of restaurant kitchen equipment

If you're in the hospitality business, professional kitchen equipment is a must. Industrial kitchen equipment features heavy-duty construction to withstand a lot of usage, and many pieces of commercial kitchen equipment have more generous capacities and higher-than-usual volumes to meet the demands of your busy business.

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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment and Commercial Kitchen Supplies

Whether you're operating an intimate fine dining restaurant or a casual sports bar and grill, there are a few essential pieces of industrial kitchen equipment and commercial kitchen supplies you'll need:

  • An industrial oven or commercial range. Ovens made for the restaurant and hospitality industry are more powerful, heat up faster and have larger capacities. Commercial ranges typically have eight or more heating elements, as opposed to the usual four found on stoves designed for home use.
  • Professional cookware. Cooking is an art form, and many professional cooks and chefs have very specific preferences when it comes to the type of pots, pans, utensils and serving trays they use.
  • A commercial refrigerator and freezer combo. One of the most common ways restaurants lose money is through food wastage, and proper food storage is an essential way to cut down on waste. An industrial or walk-in fridge and freezer unit gives you both the precision temperature controls and ample space you need to store inventory.

New or Used Commercial Kitchen Products?

Most new restaurants fail is because they take on too much debt when they initially open for business, making it impossible to stay afloat during those lean first months. Buying used kitchen equipment is one of the best ways to cut down on your debt load, as it is available for much lower prices than new equipment. You can either source used commercial kitchen equipment from suppliers, or you can get it from restaurants that are going out of business and looking to liquidate.

The key advantage of new equipment is that it will remain under manufacturer warranty, so you're protected in the event of a breakdown, malfunction or failure. With used kitchen equipment, you'll be on the hook to cover the replacement or repair costs out of your own pocket, which can sometimes total into the thousands of dollars.