Commercial Range

All about commercial stoves

A commercial range offers much more power and durability than stoves designed for home use, and they are also available in a full range of sizes to meet the unique needs of restaurants and institutional kitchens. While a home stove is typically compact in size and usually has no more than four burners, professional gas ranges often have multiple ovens with separate temperature controls and are available with as many as 16 burners or more.

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Types of Professional Ranges

There are two main types of commercial ranges: traditional ovens and convection ovens. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you'll have to carefully consider the merits and drawbacks of both before making a decision.

A traditional industrial oven generates heat using two elements: one located at the top of the oven compartment and one at the bottom. These elements can be powered either by electricity or by natural gas. Traditional commercial ranges typically cost less and are relatively inexpensive to service, as it is cheaper to buy replacement parts for them.

However, convection ovens cook food faster at lower temperatures, preheat more quickly and use less energy overall. These stoves use specialized fans to circulate heat evenly throughout the oven chamber, allowing the oven to maintain its temperature more accurately. However, compared to traditional commercial ranges, they are considerably more expensive.

New versus Used Commercial Stoves

Whether you're looking for a traditional commercial gas range or a convection oven, the question of whether you should buy a new or used stove is likely to surface.

New equipment comes with an extended manufacturer warranty, which protects you in the event of a breakdown, malfunction or failure. You can also be sure that factory-trained technicians will be available to execute any repairs, which may not be possible if you purchase an older used oven that has since ceased to be produced.

However, it can be costly to buy or finance new commercial ranges, and you can save a lot of money to invest in other aspects of your business by buying used. One of the best places to find used kitchen equipment is from restaurants that are going out of business and are selling off their assets, as this is the most likely place for you to get a perfectly functional piece of equipment for a bargain price.