Industrial Oven

Commercial ovens for professional cooks

Restaurants and institutional kitchens need powerful, heavy-duty industrial ovens that are specially designed for high-volume cooking. Commercial ovens feature settings and abilities that home ovens lack, to ensure they are equipped to meet the demands of fast-paced kitchens.

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Differences between Industrial Ovens and Home Ovens

One major difference between an industrial oven or commercial range and a home stove is the size. Industrial ovens have much higher volumes, and higher-end models even feature separate oven chambers with individual control settings so you can bake, roast, broil or simmer different foods at the same time.

Industrial ovens are also stronger than home ranges, typically offering 50 to 75 percent more heating power. They are also made from heavy-duty materials and are sturdily constructed to handle the wear and tear of the daily grind. As a consumer, one thing you want to be sure you invest in is an industrial oven with excellent insulation. This will ensure that heat doesn't leak out of the oven and will help it maintain steady temperatures with less energy use. Commercial ovens often also feature varied heating elements designed to accommodate pots and pans of different sizes.

However, all this additional power comes at a price. Industrial ovens can easily cost two or three times as much as a top-of-the-line stove designed for home use. Make sure you also get sturdy professional cookware that can handle intense use in these ovens.

Types of Commercial Ovens

For your industrial oven, you can choose either a traditional design or a commercial convection oven. Convection ovens perform very well in high-volume settings and offer reduced energy usage and cooking times, but they are initially more expensive than traditional alternatives.

There are other types of ovens for specific types of cooking. Conveyor ovens are an excellent choice if you prepare items that need to be close to the heat source and have a fixed, predictable cooking time. Many pizza ovens use conveyors, but wood-fired and brick pizza ovens are more traditional.

Commercial microwave ovens offer powerful, fast heating and defrosting settings, and you can also get wall-mounted ovens that are perfect for quickly cooking relatively flat food items.