Commercial Kitchen Supplies

Chef tools for every job

Commercial kitchen supplies are specially designed for heavy use in fast-paced kitchens that put out a lot of food. They are sturdier than supplies intended for casual home use, and they usually have a much larger capacity or volume to reflect the higher output required of professional kitchens.

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Commercial Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Needs

Some of the most common professional kitchen appliances found in restaurants and institutions include:

  • Commercial blenders. Whether you need to fold, stir, mix, blend, whip, beat or purée foods, a powerful blender is an indispensable tool.
  • Meat slicers. If you offer sandwiches for lunch or platters with deli meats, a commercial meat slicer is a must-have. These machines allow you precision control over your cuts of meat and are very safe to use when the operator is properly trained.
  • Mixing machines. Heavy-duty, large-volume mixing machines are the perfect solution for whipping up gravies and sauces, and they make the preparation of fillings, frostings and side dishes fast and easy.
  • Dishwashers. When you've reached the end of a long day, a commercial dishwasher is just the appliance you need to make sure all your equipment and supplies will be clean and ready for another day of heavy use come tomorrow morning.

More Popular Commercial Kitchen Supplies

Professional cooks are very particular about the equipment they use, and you may need to invest in specialized chef tools, including knives, knife sharpeners and cutting boards. The right equipment makes the kitchen a safer and more efficient place to work, so if your cooks have specific preferences when it comes to chef tools, it's a good idea to honor their requests.

A commercial trash receptacle is also highly recommended for kitchen environments. Heavy-duty garbage cans can hold a lot of waste, leaving your kitchen staff free to focus on making food rather than having to constantly empty the trash can.

The right commercial kitchen supplies make your work environment more productive. It's best to select products in close consultation with your head chef or manager to ensure that you get the specific equipment your kitchen needs.