Commercial Juicer

Commercial citrus juicers for healthy, delicious drinks

If you want to serve freshly squeezed drinks to your customers, you're going to need a commercial juicer. Professional juicers have high-volume capacities, allowing you to quickly and efficiently serve customers without wasting any food.

Types of Commercial Juicers

Commercial juicers are classified in one of two ways: either by the type of juice they are designed to make, or by the method used to extract juice from the fruit or vegetable. The commercial citrus juicer is the most common type of food-specific machine, and if you want to prepare juices from non-citrus fruits or vegetables, it is essential that the juicer is capable of handling them, or you risk breaking it.

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Most commercial juicers are automatic rather than manually operated. Automatic professional juicers typically use one of two technologies for extracting juice: centrifugal force or twin gears. With a centrifugal juicer, you load the fruit or vegetable as directed. (Some chopping or cutting is usually required first.) When you turn the machine on, the juice is sucked down through small holes in the basket, while pulp, skin, rind and flesh collect against the edges of the basket. These can be used or discarded.

Twin gear juicers physically crush and press fruits and vegetables, forcing the juice out. Many people believe that twin gear juicers preserve more nutrients, so they are recommended if you want additional health benefits. You may find a commercial blender with juicing capabilities, though this feature on a blender tends not to be as efficient as specially designed juicers. You're better off to invest in a machine designed for juicing than you are to rely on a less efficient blender setting.

Commercial Juicer Brands

Waring professional juicers and Champion commercial juicers rank highly among the best-selling and most popular brands. These machines perform well over a long period of time, extract juice efficiently from fruits and vegetables and are inexpensive to service or repair.

However, there are many other quality brands on the market. Tribest, Acme, Omega, Breville, Eurodib, Hamilton Beach and Sunkist are just a sampling of the many other companies that produce quality manual and automatic juicers for restaurant and institutional use.