Commercial Meat Slicer

Electric meat slicer information and safety tips

A commercial meat slicer makes an excellent addition to any professional kitchen, but particularly if you serve a high volume of sandwiches or sliced meats to customers. Deli meat slicers make it fast and easy to create perfect cuts of meat, and they are very safe to use when operated properly.

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Features of Commercial Meat Slicers

An electric meat slicer allows the operator to control the exact thickness of the meat slices. Slicers use powerful, sharp precision blades to evenly cut meat and are loaded with safety features to greatly reduce the possibility of accidents.

Many commercial meat slicers have automatic blade sharpeners that eliminate the need to take the machine apart and manually sharpen the blade. They also usually have rubber guards that prevent slippage, indicator lights that show when the blade is spinning and generous storage areas where sliced meat is deposited until the operator is ready to collect it.

Commercial Slicers and Safety

Proper usage is extremely important, as the spinning blades of commercial meat slicers can inflict serious injury. The first safety measure you should take is to ensure that all operators have received proper training in the safe usage of the equipment and have read any manufacturer's safety manuals.

When you are using a commercial meat slicer, pay full attention to what you are doing. Do not get distracted or try to do two things at once. You should also wear thick gloves to reduce the impact of the blade in case it comes in contact with your fingers or hand.

Always secure the meat properly before beginning to slice it, avoid reaching across the blade when it's operational and keep the work station free of unnecessary clutter.

For the safety of your customers, you should also make sure, just as with cutting surfaces and chef knives, that the meat slicer is completely cleaned after each use. Most models are easy to take apart for cleaning. If you are using the slicer to cut raw meat, clean it thoroughly before switching meat types. Different types of bacteria are found in beef and chicken, for example, so raw beef and raw chicken should never come into contact with one another.