Commercial Popcorn Machine

Tasty snacking with commercial popcorn makers

Sweet or savory popcorn is one of the world's most popular snacks, and if you'd like to offer it to your customers, a commercial popcorn machine has the ability to make large amounts of perfect popcorn.

Types of Commercial Popcorn Makers

Making popcorn requires only heat, so the technologies used to actually pop the popcorn do not vary much from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, there are some commercial popcorn machines that leave fewer kernels unpopped, which is a result of more reliable temperature regulation and heat distribution. Thus, it is recommended that you research the various brands and, if possible, watch a demonstration before settling on your choice.

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After you've chosen a manufacturer, the size and style of your popcorn machine are the next two considerations you'll need to make. Commercial popcorn machines are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, and some suppliers allow you to custom-build a unit if they don't have one available that meets your needs. In terms of style, you can get counter-mounted units, wheeled popcorn carts and popcorn vending machines. If you're running a restaurant, snack bar or movie theater, a stationary model is probably best, while wheeled models offer mobility and a nostalgic look.

Buying and Renting Commercial Popcorn Poppers

If you're staging a one-time event, renting a commercial popcorn maker is clearly a better option than buying one. There is no shortage of companies that offer commercial popcorn machine rentals, and you will have a wide variety of options available to you. You can also purchase your popcorn directly from the rental company or supplier, as well as any seasonings and other supplies you may need.

Purchasing a commercial popcorn machine is recommended only if you'll be serving it on an ongoing basis. You can get extra-large, industrial-strength popcorn machines that can pop enough popcorn in the span of just a few minutes to serve your customers for hours. Look for manufacturers that offer warranties and ongoing support in case you ever need service or repairs down the road.

As with many commercial coffee machine options, you can also get equipment that is specifically designed to output a specialized product. If you want to serve kettle corn, for example, a kettle corn maker saves you the trouble of having to glaze and sweeten your sweet treat before serving it.