Restaurant Sinks

Heavy-duty commercial sinks for the food service industry

Restaurant sinks are typically made of industrial-strength stainless steel, which is easy to clean and holds up well even with very heavy use. Outfitted with commercial faucets and larger drains, restaurant equipment sinks also offer more powerful water pressure and drains that will not clog easily.

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Types of Commercial Sinks

In broad terms, there are three types of restaurant sinks: hand sinks, compartment sinks and portable sinks. Hand sinks are single-bowl units that are available in drop-in, wall-mounted or free-standing styles. They are the simplest and least expensive option available, though they are limited in their size and capability.

Compartment sinks are so named because they have distinctly separated work stations. A single-bowl compartment sink, for example, usually has a flanged counter attached where supplies can be kept or work can be performed. Dual-, triple- and quadruple-bowl compartment sinks are also available, and many manufacturers are willing to make custom models if their existing products don't meet your specific needs. Typically, compartment sinks are free-standing models that take up a lot of floor space, so you'll have to plan your use of space carefully if you want to accommodate a large unit.

Portable sinks may be hand sinks or compartment sinks, but in either case, they have an internal plumbing mechanism. All you need to do is wheel the sink to the location where it's needed and connect a water supply.

When selecting a sink, you should consider water pressure and usage, just as you would when purchasing a commercial dishwasher. Energy-efficient commercial kitchen faucets can save your business a significant amount of money over the course of a year, especially if you can take advantage of government tax incentives to buy and use ecologically responsible equipment.

Restaurant Equipment Sink Accessories

There are many commercial sink accessories available, including a wide range of faucets – many have adjustable settings and spray patterns that give you the flexibility to tackle any job. You can also get heavy-duty sink drains, faucet aerators, glass fillers, and spray nozzles and valves for rinsing.

These accessories can extend the life of your sink and make your workplace more efficient. They're highly recommended, especially considering the modest extra investment they require.