Commercial Ice Maker

Cool things off with commercial ice machines

Investing in a commercial ice maker is an excellent strategy for saving space and money. Bagged ice nuggets or bricks of ice take up a lot of room in your freezer, and the cost really adds up over time. Commercial ice machines produce all the crushed, shaved or cubed ice you'll ever need, all without taking up any more of your floor space.

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How Commercial Ice Makers Work

Most commercial ice machines use electric motors, which are connected to the circuits from which your commercial freezer draws power. This motor is connected to your plumbing line, and a switch can be activated which lets water into the ice mold where your cubes or nuggets will be shaped. Once they're frozen, they are deposited in a storage chamber, where they sit until ready for use. Commercial shaved ice machines are similar in design, except the ice mold creates solid blocks of ice which are shaved down into usable pieces.

The Cost of a Commercial Ice Maker

Commercial ice machines are quite affordable. Even top-of-the-line commercial ice makers cost only a few hundred dollars. If you need a lot of ice for your restaurant or food service operation, you'll soon find that your investment pays for itself through the savings realized by eliminating your outsourcing of ice. New commercial ice machines are protected by generous manufacturer warranties, and you may have the option to have them professionally installed by a factory-trained technician.

If you're on a tight budget, used commercial ice shavers and machines offer an excellent alternative to buying a new one. One trick you can use to find a nearly new commercial ice machine at a bargain price is to find a restaurant that is closing its doors for business and offer to purchase their ice machine. It is common practice for restaurants that are going out of business to sell off their kitchen equipment piece by piece in an effort to recover as much money as possible from the failed venture.

Both new and used commercial ice makers and a complete range of other kitchen equipment is also widely available from Internet retailers and suppliers. Shopping online is a great way to instantly compare prices, shipping terms and warranties, saving you a lot of time in your search.