Restaurant Pager System

Improve communication with a restaurant paging system

A restaurant pager system is a practical solution for busy establishments. While restaurant pagers are most commonly used in large eateries with a lot of indoor and outdoor seating space, they can benefit just about any high-volume operation.

There are restaurant paging systems designed both for your service and kitchen staff as well as your customers. Staff-based restaurant paging solutions help your waiters and waitresses serve their tables more efficiently, while restaurant beepers for guests are most often used to manage a high volume of patrons waiting for tables.

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An Overview of Restaurant Paging Systems

Restaurant pagers for staff are primarily used to let waiters and waitresses know when food orders are ready to be delivered to their tables. The way they work is simple: when a food order is placed through your restaurant POS system, it identifies the server who placed the order. When the food is ready, a kitchen expediter sends a page to that server, and the server's restaurant beeper goes off, letting them know to pick up and deliver the meal. The benefits are obvious and immediately apparent: they help your staff provide quicker service and ensure meals are delivered hot.

You can also use restaurant pagers to handle table requests. These systems are usually used when a busy restaurant is part of a larger shopping or tourism complex. Guests can register with a host or hostess and be given a pager to keep with them until their table is ready. When seating is available, the host or hostess pages the customer, who is free to spend the intervening time shopping or taking in the sights rather than waiting in a crowded lobby for a table.

The Cost of a Restaurant Pager System

Restaurant pager systems are a relatively affordable investment to make in your business. However, costs can vary as some systems require ongoing maintenance and support, which you'll have to continuously pay for. A good rule of thumb is to choose the most basic system that meets your needs, as simpler systems are maintenance-free, which will save you a lot of money over the course of a year.

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