Chef Wear

What you need to know about chef uniforms

Chef wear is distinctive in appearance, but its primary purpose is to offer comfortable but effective protection. Kitchens can be messy and dangerous places, what with spills, accidents, hot ovens and slippery floors. Specially designed chef apparel is essential to performing your best without worrying about whether or not your clothing will stand up to the heat of the kitchen.

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A complete chef supply company can provide all the products you need, including everything from chef pants and chef coats to chef uniforms and unique chef shoes. However, it's very important that you know what to look for in quality chef clothing to make sure you provide for the specialized needs of your kitchen staff.

Choosing Chef Clothing: Things to Consider

Comfort and safety are the two primary considerations when it comes to chef clothing. Despite the high temperatures in the kitchen, long sleeves and long pants are absolutely essential. It is very important that your kitchen staff protect as much of their skin as possible, given the volume of hot foods and work surfaces they'll be in constant contact with.

Even so, a lightweight, comfortable fabric that still offers burn protection is the key. Thick but breathable cotton is a popular choice because it helps cooks keep cool while protecting their skin.

Style is a tertiary consideration when it comes to chef wear. It's most important to address comfort and safety issues, even if you have very specific ideas in mind for your restaurant's chef uniforms. That said, many chef supply companies offer a wide range of alternatives, from chef pants and chef coats with subtle or bold patterns to designer chef clothing created by the luminaries of the fashion world.

Don't forget about chef hats and chef shoes. They both serve very important functions: chef hats, especially when used in tandem with hair nets, prevent cooks' hair from falling in the food, something that will turn your customers off faster than just about anything else you could do. Chef shoes have special treads to prevent slips, yet are comfortable and shock-absorbing. Cooks are on their feet all day, so good chef shoes are a must.