Chef Apron

Stay clean with a chef's apron

The chef apron is a mainstay of kitchens around the world. In use for centuries, chef aprons offer excellent protection against heat and extend the life of the kitchen apparel you wear beneath it.

While many restaurants, typically traditional ones, require their kitchen staff to wear uniforms of a specific appearance with no room for variation, more casual work environments open the door to creative chef's aprons that wander from the plain, gleaming white norm. Today's cook's aprons are available in a broad range of styles, patterns and colors.

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Choosing a Chef's Apron

Ensuring the proper fit is important when purchasing a chef apron. A cook's apron should fit comfortably but snugly against the rest of your clothing, and should hang no lower than an inch or so below the knees. Any longer and it could prove to be a tripping hazard. As the primary purpose of an apron is to protect chef coats from stains, it should rise to about mid-chest level or just below the collarbone.

The only way to ensure the correct fit is to try the chef's apron on. They might look right in terms of length but be too narrow horizontally, or vice-versa. If you're purchasing in bulk for your restaurant, make sure to get a full variety of sizes and lots of extras. Chef aprons get soiled quickly, and while white ones can be bleached clean, some stains are too difficult to get out and colored aprons will quickly lose their luster.

Unique and Unusual Chef Aprons

If you'd prefer something with a little personalized appeal, you can order custom-made chef aprons from local or online suppliers. Should you choose to deal with an Internet vendor, be sure to take accurate measurements and double-check the finished product to ensure it conforms to your specifications.

You can also get customized chef aprons that bear your restaurant's name and logo, if you have one, in the same lettering style that appears on your main sign or marquee. These can add an interesting stylistic flair to your kitchen staff's uniforms while serving as promotional supplements for your restaurant.