Chef Coats

Learn about chef jackets and chef shirts

You've seen the classic white, double-breasted, button-down chef's coat in restaurants and on television, but you may not realize the reason this simple design has persisted for decades. Traditionally speaking, chef coats are white for two reasons: first, it allows them to be deep-cleaned with bleach, which can remove even the heaviest stains. Second, white signifies cleanliness, something every diner wants from a restaurant kitchen.

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Today, white chef jackets are still very popular in kitchens all around the world and remain the most popular choice for line cooks and chefs. However, the door has been opened to other styles and colors that you can use to give your kitchen staff a distinctive and stylish appearance.

The Function of a Chef's Jacket

One important aspect of the double-breasted design of chef jackets is that they can be turned inside-out if they get dirty during the course of a work day. Of course, double-breasted coats are thicker, giving the front of the wearer's body extra protection against spills and hot temperatures.

Chef shirts and chef coats are usually made from cotton, which has superior heat and fire resistance compared to other common clothing fabrics. It is also cooler to wear in a kitchen, where temperatures can get very high very fast.

Your Options for Chef Shirts and Jackets

As with chef pants, chef shoes and other types of chef apparel, your options include everything from simple and purely functional designs to stylish and accentuated ones. So long as safety requirements are met, the door is open to a wide range of colors and styles.

Alternate materials that are still thick and safe enough to wear in the kitchen, such as denim, are gaining popularity. Similarly, other designs, colors and styles that deviate from the traditional gleaming white are becoming more and more widespread. Everything from solid colors to subtle patterns like stripes to bold multicolor choices are available, and top clothing designers from around the world are getting into the culinary market. If you want to look stylish in the kitchen, a designer chef's coat might be right up your alley.