Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booth seating for private dining

Restaurant booths provide ample seating for large groups and offer diners more privacy while they enjoy their meals. While restaurant booth seating is found in restaurants of all styles and across all price ranges, they are particularly common in casual and family-oriented settings. Despite their heavy use in these settings, restaurant booth tables have the potential to be very elegant. Many high-end establishments combine circular tables with padded booth-style seating that curves along the wall to create an easily accessible yet intimate dining space.

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Plan Your Restaurant Booth Table Additions

As with restaurant tables, it's important to take your time when planning your restaurant booth seating layout. To maximize your restaurant's profits, you need to make the most of your floor space, and that means optimizing the number of booths in your restaurant. Ideally, you want to strike a balance between providing guests with ample space and getting as many booths in your restaurant as possible.

Many establishments place booths along the walls and reserve the center of the floor for tables and chairs. When drawing up your restaurant seating floor plan, it's very important to take careful measurements and leave enough space between booths for the comfort and safety of your patrons.

Get a Great Deal on Restaurant and Bar Booths

One of the best ways to get a great deal is to look for used restaurant booths, both from retailers that specialize in the sale of secondhand furniture and restaurants that are soon to close their doors for business. Buying used restaurant booths can save you thousands of dollars off the cost of purchasing new ones or having booths custom-made.

You can also contact manufacturers of restaurant booths and see if they are willing to sell them directly to you. This will eliminate the middleman retailer, which is a proven strategy for saving money no matter what you're buying. However, not all manufacturers offer this option and others have minimum order requirements in place, so this may work best if you are going to purchase a lot of booths.

If you have a specific booth design in mind, you can also hire a local contractor to custom-make your booths. While this may cost you more than buying pre-made restaurant furnishings, the extra investment could well be worth it in the long run, as your restaurant's distinctive décor may well attract repeat business.