Restaurant Chairs

Learn about creative restaurant seating solutions

Finding the right restaurant chairs means sourcing furniture that is comfortable, tasteful and suitable in design, and affordable all at the same time. Many an eatery owner has found this easier said than done, so it pays to do your research when it comes to restaurant seating.

Types of Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant chairs come in all shapes and sizes, from the minimalist and modern to the flamboyant and antique. When looking over the countless designs and styles, try to strike a balance and match between your chairs and the rest of your furniture, restaurant linen and interior décor. Too bold a departure risks ruining the overall effect you're going for.

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Restaurant booths can be used in both formal and casual dining environments, though they are most often seen in sports bars, buffet-style restaurants, family restaurants and diners. You can also have booths custom-made by placing restaurant tables against the walls and having restaurant bench seating ordered or custom-built.

Commercial bar stools offer comfortable seating if you have a drink service area where customers can congregate, and don't forget about your patio's special needs. You'll need restaurant furniture that's attractive, durable and weatherproof if you have a place for guests to sit outside.

Specialized Restaurant Seating Options

If your business caters to families, don't overlook the need for restaurant high chairs. As a rule of thumb, keep one high chair on hand for every five or six tables on your floor, and stock extras if you have a lot of diners with young children in your restaurant. Parents appreciate your concern for the safety and comfort of their children while they're in your restaurant.

You may also want to offer specialized seating for guests in lounges and waiting areas, if you have these in your restaurant. Many higher-end restaurants have cocktail lounges where guests can wait in comfort until their table is ready, and you can put plusher, more ornamental chairs in these locations.

Evaluating all these options will take you some time, so if you're planning to open a new restaurant, consider your furnishings early on. Budget carefully and explore money-saving options like furniture wholesalers, used furniture and buying direct from the manufacturer.