Restaurant Tables

Stylish restaurant tables and chairs

Your choice of restaurant tables says a lot about your taste and values. Different restaurant table styles have specific effects on the ambience in your restaurant, so plan carefully to be sure you're sending the right visual message to your clientele.

Types of Restaurant Tables

Restaurant seating can be broken down into two broad categories: tables and booths. In their simplest form, restaurant tables offer seating for two to four people and are usually rectangular in shape, as circular tables take up more floor space. However, circular tables are a feature of higher-end dining establishments.

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Tables can be moveable, or fused to the floor with restaurant table bases. Moveable tables give you more flexibility when you're busy and need to seat large parties, but restaurant table tops with fixed bases usually offer superior stability.

Restaurant booths are usually seen in diners, bar-and-grill restaurants, family restaurants and buffet-style establishments. They offer comfortable, casual seating and give dining parties a little more space and privacy than standard tables.

Get a Great Deal on Restaurant Tables and Chairs

What restaurant owner isn't looking to save money on restaurant tables and chairs? Regardless of where you're located, there are three tested-and-true strategies you can use to find deals on restaurant furniture.

First, consider used furniture. Used doesn't necessarily mean worn-down. Quality-made restaurant tables can keep their like-new appearance for years when properly maintained. If you manage to find used tables in good shape, your customers likely won't even notice. You can purchase used restaurant furniture from specialty retailers, or directly from restaurants that are closing their doors.

Another strategy is to buy directly from the manufacturer. This may be possible only if you're buying a large quantity of furniture, but it never hurts to investigate this option as eliminating the middleman is sure to save you a buck.

You can also use the Internet to source restaurant furniture from suppliers around the country. Online commerce is very competitive, and you can instantly connect with all kinds of great deals on everything from tables and booths to chairs and accessories. Just make sure to closely review the vendor's shipping and return/refund policies before you buy.